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Website // www.eleanorrickard.co.uk

Collusion // collusionwebsite.weebly.com

Blog // travelsin35mm.tumblr.com

Coal Collective  // coalcollective.tumblr.com

Future exhibitions //

Summer shows at The Arts University Bournemouth, Thursday June 19th.

‘Turf’ graduate exhibition at The Bargeouse, OXO Tower, Southbank, 18th-20th of July.

Eleanor Rickard is a writer and photographer based in the South of England. She creates documentary style work that has a fictional basis, mirroring established trends in the literary and cinematic world. Travelling is also one of her main interests, and she uses analogue photography to document intriguing and beautiful places. Alongside photographic work, she has a keen interest in writing and publishing, and manages a website that combines contemporary photography with poems, short stories and book reviews. There is a sense of curiosity in her work, as if many of her images capture a moment in a story, which draws the viewer in. We wish we’d been to some of incredible places she’s been to find them out.

How would you describe what you do?
I enjoy using photography as more than just a visual medium; through my images I hope to generate work that has first been realised within my imagination.

What do you feel is the most important thing about your work?
The most important aspect of my work is to create a piece of art that is intriguing and also conceptually interesting; something that makes the viewer want to know more.

What keeps you motivated to create, and keep creating work?
My motivation for making work is to address issues that the world is facing but that people seem to be ignoring, through the medium of photography.

Where do you see your work heading in the next twelve months?
I see myself creating more fictive documentary style work, that has environmental and political undertones. I hope to continue to make work that contains influences other than the purely aesthetic.

Who, what, where or how do you get your first inspirations?
My inspiration comes from a range of things; travelling, exhibitions and books I have read. Seeing other artists’ and photographers’ work really pushes me to try harder in my own practice and challenge myself!

What has been your biggest success, or source of pride?
I’m happy with how my work has come together recently, and with my final major project at university, it’s the project that I’m happiest with.

What do you think are the important issues facing yourself, and your industry at the moment?
I think unpaid internships are a massive issue within the creative industry; they make it so difficult for those people who don’t come from privileged backgrounds to break into the industry. Personally, I’m just facing the issue of deciding what to do with my life after graduating!

Have any relationships, friendships, business or otherwise, been significant in shaping your work as it is now?
My granddad has always had a very keen interest in photography, and he’s the one that gave me my first camera and taught me the basics. I would say he is definitely the reason why I am into photography now. I am part of a recently formed collective of 11 female photographers, all about to graduate from the Arts University Bournemouth. I think it’s really important to form these connections to other artists; we just put on our first exhibition and are planning to put on more in the near future.

What would you do with the perfect Sunday afternoon?
I live in Bournemouth, so my perfect Sunday afternoon would be lazing around on the beach on a hot day, going for a swim, and then back to someone’s house for a gathering with food and alcohol.





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