Words by Billie Jenkins Images courtesy of Djerbahood

A strange and wonderful thing has happened on an unknown island off the coast of Tuscany over the summer. Djerbahood, curated by artist Mehdi Ben Cheikh, brought together over 150 street artists from across the globe in the village of Erriadh. The place was transformed, every turn of a corner showcasing a treat from old hacks or new kids on the block. It’s a wonderful concept that took balls from residents and councillors. Yet the risk has paid off, not only has the event created a unique space where rural living meets city style, but Erriadh has become in a mere few months a place any graffiti artist worth his salt should make a pilgrimage.

Huge murals and playful painting has injected a burst of life and colour into a quieter pace of life. The surfaces of the landscape have made art accessible to tourists and inhabitants alike. It’s a joyful thing.

To see more of the incredible project visit their website here.



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