Dov Charney: Money, Sex, No Power

Words by Elizabeth Pollard

Last week American Apparel founder and CEO, Dov Charney, was unceremoniously fired from his own company in what seemed like a random act from his company board. Despite at least ten years of sexual harassment scandals and rumoured racial abuse, it turns out, AA finally said enough’s enough, we need to set an example in this corrupt industry and make a stand against sexual exploitation and manipulation… well not quite. It turns out, overpriced jersey just isn’t selling and due to his alleged exploitation of the company financially, was finally voted out of his business altogether.

In his termination letter, acquired by Buzzfeed on Sunday, AA outlines that reasons for his departure include putting his parents on the payroll without real contribution, paying off former employees who tried to sue him for sexual harassment, using company apartments outside of work hours and misusing the company credit card. All seemingly legitimate reasons, but it really makes me question why they had to collect these financial claims in order to get him out the door? Was keeping a sex slave and the numerous lawsuits for harassment not reason enough?

Whatever the real reason, it looks like Charney is not budging without a fight. Stay tuned for more updates on the industries most notorious sex pests…

Read the full termination letter here at


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