Eat, Drink, Berlin

Eat drink berlinWords by Shaun Cooney

There are only three places in the world I could ever see myself living. I already live in one, have never visited the second and the third I can’t get enough of. Berlin, just like London and New York, has a place for everyone and a night out only like its spiritual sister cities. I’ve only scratched the surface of what Berlin has to offer but here is a short list of places you must visit on your first visit.

Das Hotel
The outside this un assuming building could well be jut another Berliners home, and not a whole lot changes once you walk through the door, apart from the bar and the crowds of people getting comfortable in every little nook. With a few walls knocked down, wall paper stripped and some very dangerous steps to negotiate, Das Hotel is the best place to bring a date, find a dark corner and enjoy a cocktail or two.


Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 10.32.04

Gorgonzola Club
The Gorgonzola Club is a smart restaurant, in a Berlin way, white table cloths and bare walls, it’s a secret local Italian that’s serving up the best home made ravioli that’s ever past my lips. At first glace I thought the portion of ricotta and spinach ravioli was not going to satisfy or last long at all. But from the first bite I was in awe and savouring every last bite. Pair this with huge thin-based traditional pizzas all at bargain prices.


Walk into the first section of this modest bar, order a beer and take a seat round one of the big tables. Enjoy the low lights and intimate conversation. Move on through to the middle room and there’s Berliners getting high scores on the pinball machine and screaming around a foosball table. Through one last door and down a narrow turn and your in the dark basement playing dance music and mixing cocktails. Bohnengold is there for every stage of your night from your quiet first round and a catch up to the round that’s passed to you over other clubbers heads.


Santa Maria
This is the reason I fell in love with Berlin. This tiny Mexican restaurant has only a handful of tables and takes no bookings. Not that it’s a problem, because if your left waiting outside there’s always the guys outside selling coronas and shots from a cooler outside. I recommend heading here on a Tuesday, for ‘Taco Tuesday’, where its any taco for a euro, as are the shots of tequila. Don’t plan on heading out after this as your going to be filled to the brim, so maybe find a place for a quiet cocktail instead.

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This is my recommendation for a true Berlin night/morning out. Run the gauntlet of the door staff deciding if your allowed in or if you looked at the a little funny and you may think you’ve paid over the odds to get into someone’s back garden. First glance makes you think this place is empty, but yank open the back door and your hit by the noise and the people. Two floors of what would seem to be an old house has once more been converted into an all night clubbing destination, the walls have holes in, the bars held up with beer crates and the toilets have no doors. But hey, what do you expect from a place that’s opens and midnight and closes in the midday sun.



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