Eurovision Blew Me Away

Eurovision__F_rste__843717aWords by Frank Think

Eurovision 2014 blew me away. A festival of music, dance, amazing stage production and lights…wow the lights. It was my first experience at watching the song contest, there was so much to take in and could not apply my attention to the whole spectacular event. After 16 performances of the 26 broadcasted, my overloaded, lightweight mind shut down as it had turned to mush. It took me awhile to get what was going on until Austria’s performer, Conchita Wurst, took to the stage the penny dropped and I saw the light….praise the Lord did I see the light! It seems that Eurovision is an alternative festival where music is not the primary purpose but an excuse to have a party and promote a cause. Conchita, a bearded man dressed as a woman, won the competition and used the opportunity to promote a Euro-vision of tolerance and self belief. It seems strange that Europeans need a man with a spray on beard wearing a tight fitting dress to deliver a believable message of tolerance or is this a dress code we can expect from future generations of politicians. Oh, Boris I can’t wait to see what cute little number you have waiting to inspire us all. Now that will be worth seeing.

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