Eyes On: Alexis Vasilikos

4Photographs by Alexis Vasilikos Words by Billie Jenkins

Alexis Vasilikos is someone you should sit up and pay attention to. His photographs are like National Geographic’s younger, fresher brothers, with stunning, sometimes serious documentary photography blended with bursts of colour. His website has a ludicrous amount of images to swim through over a pot of tea. Doing so is like taking a hundred little journeys with Alexis, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends, at his home with family and to far off places. It’s really exciting when such a talented artist gives over this volume of work in one big, delicious hit. You can see the transition in his work from smaller collections that play with abstractions, and the way they slowly feed into the incredible Wes Anderson-esque colour and compositions of the later pieces. Resisting explanation, Alexis punctuates his photography with only a few words, poetic and abstract, nodding to Buddhist concepts through titles such as ’there are no things here’, ’advaita’, and a select quote from a 18th C Zen Master; through doing so he compounds on the peacefulness of the space and cool colours. I can only make one suggestion before you check out his work, put the kettle on, settle in, your going to be here for a while.

To see literally hundreds of Alexis Vasilikos’s photos, spanning 18 years head to www.alexisvasilikos.net.










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