#ginspiration: Fifty Pound Gin

Fifty Pound GinWords by Shaun Cooney

At the start of the eighteenth century William of Orange banded all importation of alcohol. This lead to a lot of DIY stills popping up all over London. The majority of stills were gin and it’s said at one point one in five homes in London were distilling and selling gin. This lead to a very hazy time in the history of London and as a result in 1736 the gin act was introduced which stated if you wanted to distill and sell gin you need to pay an annual levy of £50, two years after this act was passed only two distilleries agreed to pay.

The namesake gin of the £50 gin act is distilled from an old family recipe that has was rediscovered and distilled to give us this incredible smooth and flavorsome gin. Distilled in southeast London in batches of precisely 1000 bottles Fifty Pound is the perfect gin in a martini. The strong flavors of juniper make it a traditional gin and being left to settle for three weeks at the end of the distilling process gives this gin a velvety smooth texture when chilled and served with an olive.

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