FKA Twigs

 Words by Elizabeth Pollard

FKA Twigs (Formerly Known As Twigs aka Tahliah Barnett), carved her path in the industry through dance before recently launching her career as a singer song-writer in late 2012 with the launch of her EP1. Two years on and her album LP1 has just landed followed by a industry support and acclaim. With influences across the musical spectrum, it is no wonder her sound is being compared to everyone from the XX to Janet Jackson. Her voice is melancholic, supported by hypnotic electronic production and whilst I’d definitely put her in the R&B – garage – dubstep category, there is something a lot more ethereal and beautiful about her than some of her contemporaries. FKA Twigs isn’t about making a one-hit pop song, in voice and style she is about showcasing her talent.

And it’s not just her voice that needs showcasing. Since appearing on the cover of i-D back in 2012, Tahliah has been dubbed ‘music’s fashion darling’ by New York Magazine and went on to feature in Dazed and Hyper Fresh. From gelling her baby curls ala Josephine Baker to collaborating with friend and stylist Karen Clarkson, Tahliah has developed a look that is being emulated by the industry over. Visually, everything about the ‘FKA Twigs’ persona is curated to perfection; her style, music videos and now album artwork by Jesse Kanda who also directed the video for Water Me.

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