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Poetics of Harmony(above) Poetics of Harmony Words by Billie Jenkins

‘For Print Only’ is a super sweet destination for all print and graphics enthusiasts out there. Calling itself a blog it is actually an immaculately designed website that lets you browse hundreds of interesting paper design products by method, material, project type, and tags. All projects include (where possible) a guide to price, execution time, design brief and a story following the initial idea to the final piece, documenting troubles encountered along the way. It is really tightly organised and the range of work covered is exciting. With recommendations for similar projects surrounding every post there is the risk of falling into a buzzfeeed type vortex of never-ending pursuit. This is not a bad thing however as there is really something to be learnt from the information people are sharing on the platform ‘For Print Only’ provides. Print’s not dead, and thorough, committed communities like this one are helping keep it alive by showcasing creativity achieved in response to real design problems. There is even advice on where the best embossers in the country are. Here are seven projects to get you started.

1. The Deep

 Mapping out the myths of the nautical in huge 3D book. 

The Deep

2. Drew Shafer graduation announcement

Cute cut out and dress up card showcasing the transition from new student to  graduate.

 Drew Shafer

3. Typography map

Immersive black and white map of the world using just words.


4. Awards publication for the International Society of Typographic Designers

Medically themes, beautifully produced work for industry members.

5. Canada vs Texas cards

Cute a button these picture cards are simple but effective.


6. Sound of Cohabitation poster

Poster displaying the sounds encountered in a city, created as a promotional work by a studio.


7. Poetics of Harmony

This experimental book plays with form to communicate emptiness.

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