Franco Manca Brixton

Franco Manca2Words by Shaun Cooney

Brixton Market is changing, and changing fast. With new restaurants opening more regularly than the night bus home from Brixton and food trucks arriving by the, well, the truck load. A staple of this scene is Franco Manca’s tucked just behind the Ritzy cinema.

Serving traditional stone baked pizza with delicious organic toppings with cheese sourced from Neals Yard or their very own cheese produced in Somerset, flour that has lower amount of gluten than your standard Dominoes variety base making a more “digestible” pizza and topped with their own cured Gloucester Old Spot Sausage and home made slow baked Gos Ham.

All of these ingredients mixed together and cooked in a traditional wood fired stone pizza oven make for the one of the best thin based pizzas in town, toped with home made chilli oil gives the toppings and extra spice.

You made need to queue for just as long as your eating but its well worth the wait. Service is quick but polite. They serve a small selection of bottle craft beers and with a beer and a whole pizza coming in for under £15 you can’t go wrong with one of the best cheap eats in London.

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