Frank Think: Deepak Chopra

Corinne & Deepak ChopraWords By Frank Think

Deepak Chopra, M.D. has authored over sixty-five books, including many New York Times bestsellers. His latest book, Super Brain, is yet another in a long line of self help inspirational guides that looks at the huge untapped potential of the human mind and the unknown boundary between matter and none matter. This is an area that has become popularized in recent years with many New Age writers exploring the relationships between thought and matter.

At a recent speech in Long Island USA Deepak talked to a full house for over two hours keeping the audience captive as he painted broad brush strokes of intellectual stimulation. He prodded and nudged the audience to think beyond traditional medical, scientific and religious bounds, and gently introduced us into a world yet undiscovered by the masses. These are not new ideas, however have become popularized in recent years in part due to the frustrations with the restraints of traditional cultural intellectual bounds. I could never really understand how we all originate from star dust. How sunlight manifests such complicated emotional human beings and at what point love become matter.

If you are looking for a stimulating read Deepak is one of a number a people worth investigating.

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