Frank Think: Expanding Love

Frank Think
Words by Frank Think

Some scientists, somewhere state, that the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate and the possible number of planets that could be inhabited by humans is also increasing by untold numbers. At the same time others inform us that the end of civilization is near and there is no future for humans. Given both these pieces of information I am confused why the cost of houses in London is rising at a crazy pace. A reasonable person would think that all indications point to lowering of house prices as people release their money and head to sandy beaches to sip long cool cocktails. Have I missed something as house prices and the cost of cocktails is increasing ever higher?

So what is the real future for humanity, are we evolving, or trans-mutating into more wonderful people that have a greater capacity for love?

Last Sunday while walking through Hyde Park I was amazed by how beautiful we all looked. Peoples from nearly every culture, race, age and colour, a real smorgasbord of humanity enjoying the sun. Groups clustered, eating talking and playing games including the hipster with baggy trousers sitting next to an elderly Arabic fellow twiddling his beads. The evidence is before our eyes; just as the universe is ever expanding so is our capacity and manifestation of harmony, appreciation and love.

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