Frank Think: Frustration Spill-Over

Frank Think: Frustration Spill-Over
Words by Frank Think

Ok, I’ve tried very hard but am not sure I can contain myself anymore. If I don’t get it out, some long-term damage might occur… what’s going on with Mr Putin. I mean, has he gone completely rouge on the non-happiness scale, or is he upset that the silly chap from North Korea is getting the prize for being the naughtiest national leader. Just imagine if you were the Prince of one of the world biggest countries with numerous time zones, massive forests, enough Caviar to drown in, loads of fur for hats and coats and lots of crazy drivers (see YouTube for examples). Now, if you had all this and more would you find it necessary to grab more land, be mean to gays and generally make a nuisance of yourself? I was under the impression we were entering a new age of enlightenment where people were embracing the idea that we all shared a common conscience of well-being and inspiration.

The solution to the Putin problem could easily be solved if Michael Evis, could donate a tent space at Glastonbury for Putin and Boris Johnson, as his mentor, for a bonding weekend. He might even call it the Valadi-Boris field for lads who just want to be, well…lads. Part of the bonding could include running around with their hands in the air shouting just like we used to do in the play-ground at school.

Sign me up.

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