Frank Think: Preparing For A Journey

Frank ThinkWords by Frank Think

A friend is preparing for the most amazing journey of his life. He is not sure exactly sure when he will be leaving or how to prepare. All he knows is the time will soon come when he will leave his current home and begin a great adventure. I haven’t been able to share deeply with him about what he expects, what he will experience or when we will meet again. I have mixed feelings in his departure. Part of me wants to keep him around for my own security of continuity. Keeping things the same gives a comfortable feeling and when we are confronted with close change it unsettles our world. Change is necessary and is an inevitable part of living. Change brings vibrancy and hope. Fashions change seasonally, music, art politics and how we view ourselves are in a continual process of flux. For human emotion the best change is gradual, a gentle process. Sudden change as in political revolutions often creates long-term damage that needs a great deal of emotional attention to rebalance.

Nature is a wonderful guide to the gradual process of change. At dawn the first rays of sunlight soften shadows until they disappear and the bright new day brings brilliant colours that inspire and delight. At the end of the day as the sun dips below the horizon Venus and the Northern Star grow in brightness until the night sky reveals a hidden canvas of untold beauty often provoking deep thought and awareness.

I hope when the time comes to say goodbye I can embrace my friends departure as a sunset or sunrise as his new adventure is universal to all human kind.

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