Frank Think: Proof of Heaven

Corinne & 3Words by Frank Think

Dr Eben Alexander, an eminent neurosurgeon considered himself a man of science with an unwavering belief in evidence-based medicine. His professional career took him to some of the top medical institutions, including Harvard Medical School, but in 2008 he fell into a coma after suffering a rare form of bacterial meningitis and was not expected to survive. He did, and recovered as a changed man certain of the infinite reach of the soul.

Proof of Heaven, published by Piatkus, 2012, is his story of his experience and the realisations gained. It’s an interesting read, difficult at times, but gives a glimpse into the idea that thoughts and ideas are not held in the mind but exist outside the mind in a form of universal spiritual collective space that can be accessed by everyone. This universal consciousness answers the question on how original ideas can be accessed by different people in completely different locations. This idea is liberating and awesome as it empowers us all to embrace all knowledge and even original knowledge depending upon the ability of our mind to access the universal conscious of knowledge.

The practical applications can solve the energy crisis, help liberate humans out of a war-like culture and manifest a human society that is harmonious with universal consciousness. Let’s just hope this consciousness is primarily benevolent and loving!

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