Frank Think: Purity Balls

Corinne & purity ballsWords by Frank Think

America is a country of contradictions and Purity balls are the latest example of religious confusion that has spread across nearly all the 50 states in the land of freedom. The Purity balls, resembling giant weddings, are directed at white gowned girls all around 12-years old who pledge to remain ‘pure’ until her wedding day. The symbolic marriage to God by the child is overseen by the father, the High Priest of their home and family, who promises to protect their daughter’s chastity. Purity includes no sexual contact of any kind until after marriage. In the ceremony the girl wears a ring symbolising her marriage to the Lord and recognising the father as her boyfriend who will protect her virginity.

The idea of these balls is strange if not disturbing as it sends a message to children that female sexuality is a commodity robbing young girls of their sexual autonomy, and teaches moral value is contingent upon their sex lives. The idea that men hold power over women is implanted into the girls and if they do make a mistake, including kissing a boy, they have broken a sacred trust with their fathers and God. This emotional manipulation at such an early age can cause a lifetime of damage as it robs girls of choice, responsibility and personal ownership. It is also interesting to note the phenomenon does not apply equally to boys and mothers, maybe that would just be too creepy!

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