Frank Think: The Question of Creativity

Corinne & Question of creativityWords by Frank Think

While driving through the beautiful East Sussex lanes a few days ago my mind drifted into what to wear to stimulate the creative juices. Is it possible to be unique, artistic, original and creative while wearing a suit and tie? How often have you seen a ‘creative’ wear a suit and tie as they gain and express original ideas?  Is there something fundamentally wrong about wearing the uniform of bankers, lawyers, politicians and other professionals if one desires to contribute truly creative ideas. Maybe if Vivian Westwood, Elton John or any of our masters of originality were to restrict their attire to suit and tie they would not be so productive. Imagine Bob Marley writing ‘Three Little Birds’ or Einstein sitting at his desk all night with the strangle of a tie around their necks. Not being able to move your arms freely, breathe fully or dance across a stage with this restriction.

So why do we continue to wear such clothes? Is it a statement of conformity and submission that brings us back into the human pack? I call them ‘comfort clothes’ not because they are comfortable, but because they bring comfort to others in seeing that we are all alike as creativity can be scary. Grayson Perry your right but can we all be so bold!

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