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Game of ThronesWords by Billie Jenkins

It would be a stretch to conceive of a fantasy fiction cast donning the cover of this month’s Vanity Fair, but Game of Thrones has smashed all expectations (apart from Sean Bean meeting a grizzly end, which is somewhat of a tradition). HBO’s drama, based on the books of George R. R. Martin, has catapulted to success beyond expectation, launching the careers of an array of British stars and even a huge tourism campaign for Northern Ireland. Perhaps it’s something to do with the Martin Amis styled one liners of brothel-dogging dwarf Tyrian, the feminist vibes from so many power player women, or the gore that plays like Final Destination with a brain, but GOT is a phenomenon that has seen a usually niche genre explode into the hearts of diverse groups; from high-end magazine readers to hardcore fiction fans to hipsters. This week welcomed the fourth series on both US and UK shores, with 8.2 million Brits tuning in to its return. So many NowTV and HBO’s on demand service crashed, (she quietly swears).

A friend yesterday tweeted on Game of Thrones, as did 300,000 others, ’I will never again trust a TV programme with so many main characters’. For those who haven’t read the books and insured against any nasty surprises the volume of main characters is partly what widens the appeal. If it’s not bloody to the death battle your into there’s always some romance, or out and proud fucking (and there is ALOT of fucking) to indulge in; provided by a cast who is almost exclusively beautiful. This richness makes for viewing that even the most girlie girl, who usually stays away from fantasy for being a bit to dungeons and dragon-esque can invest in; revelling in Cersei Lannister’s ambitious cat claws or rooting for Sansa Stark’s meek kindness. Any woman will be grateful for such a empowered collection of female leads, not least Daenerys, who enviously combines femininity with strength. In fact the boys can keep their swords, I’d prefer to follow the lead of the Mother of Dragons any day, and to do that I have no choice but to keep watching.

Game of Thrones Vanity Fair

Game of Thrones Vanity Fair

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