The Gentleman Drinker: Summer Hosting

Corinne & 2Words by Shaun Cooney

With some summer sun on the horizon and a weekend starting to fill up with plans for BBQ’s, it’s time to jump in while the going’s good and show everyone up with your perfect hosting skills.

As long as you’ve invited the right people, your guests are sure to bring along a bottle or two of something for everyone to enjoy. So rather than buying wine that’s sure to go back into cupboard, why not treat your guest to a super simple cocktail. For only a few bob you can grab a bottle of Campari, sweet vermouth and gin to start serving up some refreshing Negronis, or swap the gin for soda and enjoy some dangerously sippable Americano’s.

The trouble with BBQ-ing is having everything ready at once, and having enough to go around. The cure for this is salads, chuck a big bowl of potato salad and a pasta salad on the table and that should keep everyone happy for a good while. Whilst they are chowing down on salad, keep the food coming and keep it varied. Try simple chicken kebabs with courgette, button mushrooms and cherry tomatoes for speed. Throw a big, old marinated rack of ribs on first and let them slowly cook for a good chunk of the afternoon; the meat will fall right off the bone.

With just a few simple changes from the normal burgers, sausages and beers you can be hosting the best BBQ’s of the summer.

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