George T Stagg

George T staggWords by Shaun Cooney

Part of the Buffalo Trace Distilleries antique collection, George T Stagg has to be one of the finest bourbons on the market right now. This beautifully sweet and dark bourbon is named after one of the big players of the bourbon world. Stagg was the founder of the biggest and most influential distillery of bourbon in North America.

Bourbon is defined as a barrel aged spirit made using mainly corn and is almost exclusively made in America, the southern states in particular. Bourbon also gets its reddish hue from the charred oak casks its ages in, some of these barrels become legends in themselves.

George T Stagg is an award winning bourbon and one that deserves the right to be a namesake of such a legend of the whisky world. With the husky nature you can expect from a bourbon but perfectly balanced out with sweet toffee and vanilla notes. Chuck in a single ice cube to really help everything in the glass come alive.

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