Gia Coppola: Palo Alto

A126_C002_11159FFilm stills from Palo Alto Words by Elizabeth Pollard

It’s in the Coppola blood to work in the film industry, and that is no different for Francis Ford Coppola’s grand daughter, Gia. Having spent her life surrounded by some of the world’s most famous actors, producers and directors (many of which are her own family), it seemed inevitable that Gia would eventually find her own relationship with the camera.

Assisting on her Aunt, Sophia Coppola’s film set from an early age has obviously inspired her work’s aesthetic and genre but she made her own break-through directing a film short for her friends label. Following the success, she went on to produce fashion films for Diane Von Furstenberg, Elle China, Rodarte and Opening Ceremony which featured her relative Jason Schwartzman and Sophia’s long time collaborator, Kirsten Dunst.

After befriending James Franco, Gia was asked to adapt and direct Palo Alto based on his collection of short stories of the same title. It was announced last year that distribution company, Tribeca Film picked it up for release in May after it was premiered at the Venice and Toronto film festivals in 2013.

The story is based around a group of teenagers in Palo Alto, California, who seek and indulge in trouble. Emma Roberts takes the lead as shy, virginal, high-school soccer player, April. Whilst instigating an affair with her coach (played by James Franco), April and her friends spiral to reckless chaos. Despite acting from a young age, with at least fifteen films already under her belt, Palo Alto is her chance for critical acclaim.


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