Gin Mare

Shaun2Words by Shaun Cooney

Gin mare is distilled in a pure Mediterranean environment. The distillery is in a secret fishing village between Costa Brava and Costa Dorada. This is a genuine gin that absorbs all of it surrounding from the botanicals used to the environment it’s distilled in.

Gin mare is infused with four main Botanicals, Basil from Italy, Thyme from Greece, Rosemary from Turkey and Citrus fruits from Spain. The combination of these four makes for a new taste of gin. Like Little Bird gin from Peckham it doesn’t have the strong Juniper taste, more of a refreshing Rosemary taste, another great gin for the summer time.

The key to the perfect Gin Mare and Tonic is to use a 50ml shot, great excuse for a double G&T, topped up with tonic and garnished with a nice big sprig of Rosemary. For an exciting twist on a Negroni mix 25ml measures of Gin Mare, Aperol, sweet vermouth and grapefruit juice and finally a dash of sugar syrup.

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