#Ginspiration: Berkeley Square

Words by Shaun Cooney

Berkeley Square is one of those gin’s that is an example of just how amazing a gin can be and how complex the distillation process can be. This is a gin that sells itself as the ‘single malt of the gin world’, it’s a gin that can be enjoyed perfectly over ice, garnished with basil leaves. But Berkeley Square is a perfectly balanced gin that absolutely sings in a dry martini.

After all four key botanicals for a London dry gin are added to their famous ‘No. 8’, copper pot still, along with kaffir lime leaves, lavender, sage and basil, it is wrapped in muslin and immersed in the gin in a process known as ‘bouquet garni’, a traditional method used by chefs. This process helps to truly embed the flavours into the spirit.

Berkeley Square shows that gin’s can be just as special as a bottle of whisky and can even be enjoyed neat or over ice. Get a bottle of this on your shelf to truly impress.

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