#Ginspiration: Fever Tree Tonic

Corinne & 5
Words by Shaun Cooney

Nothing is more British than a gin and tonic in the garden on a summers afternoon, or as an appertife before a meal, or at home alone on a Tuesday afternoon, or even just waiting at the bottom of the stairs waiting for your partner to come home for that special dinner you’ve cooked.

So why when I’m telling you about all these incredible gins are you still mixing them with Tesco own tonic water. The tonic can be as important as the gin it’s self. With brands like Fever Tree creating a list as long as your arm of tonic flavours you need to find the right one to compliment the flavours in your gin. Your standard shop brought tonic is full of sugar, and this sugar is affecting everything you taste from the delicately blended botanical’s in your gin. As we can all agree there is nothing worse than a bad G&T.

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