#Ginspiration: Monkey 47

Corinne & Monkey47Words by Shaun Cooney

Monkey 47 shows that good thinks do come in small packages. It’s a gin that carries with is all the characteristics of its creator, Montgomery Collins. It combines ‘Great British traditions, the exoticness of India and the purity of the black forest’. Now god knows what this means but it does make for a perfectly distilled gin of 47 separate botanicals.

With a third of the ingredients coming from the black forest and prepared natural spring water from the forest, with botanicals including cranberries and lingonberries, Monkey 47 is a gin full of classic juniper scents offset a sweet aroma followed by a spicy but smooth taste of citrus.

Money 47 makes for a very special G&T but try with gin, lemon, sugar mixed over ice for incredible gin sling. Every bottle comes stamped with its batch and bottle number so you know just how special each of these smaller than the average bottles of gin are.


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