#Ginspiration: Opihr

Opihr Gin
Words by Shaun Cooney

From a far-flung unknown land somewhere along the start of the famous spice route in the Orient comes a spiced gin, distilled in England. Ophir may take its name from a mysterious place but this gin is another more and more common example of how a London dry gin is becoming one of the most versatile spirits out there. Spiced with Moroccan coriander, Indian black pepper and cubeb berries, an Indonesian, all spice tasting dried berry, Ophir is not what you expect from a gin.

Ophir shows that the new rules of the London dry distilling can open up whole new taste palates, making this spice gin something of a revolution in a gin and tonic or for a really exciting Sunday morning in a red snapper cocktail. You may never expect to look to the Orient for a gin but this gives us the perfect reason to look for more and more exciting combinations of botanicals.

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