#Ginspiration: Plymouth Navy Strength Gin

Gimlet collageCollage by Elizabeth Pollard Words by Shaun Cooney

The guys at the Plymouth gin distillery have been making their trademark gin since 1793. It was named as the gin of choice in the first published recipe for a martini, in ‘Stuart’s Fancy Drinks And How To Mix Them’ in 1896 and was the gin of choice for the Royal Navy doctors who used it as a medicine.

Plymouth Navy Strength was the key ingredient along with lime for the creation of the now popular Gimlet. It was created by the British Royal Navy doctor, Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Desmond Gimlette, who mixed gin with the daily ration of limes, to ‘help the medicine go down’.

With Plymouth navy strength coming in at a whopping 100 proof (57% abv), this is definitely the gin to fight off scurvy, or more preferably, to mix in a martini. No ship in the Royal Navy left port without a bottle on board and Plymouth Navy Strength is a gin certainly not to be left off on the shelf.

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