#ginspiration: Professor Cornelius Ampleforth Bathtub Gin

Bathtub GinWords by Shaun Cooney

Back in the prohibition years in America gin was a simple easy spirit to distil with cheap grain alcohol and as this was done in peoples own homes it was mixed and fermented in their bathtubs and bottles even topped up with water from the bath tap, hence the name ‘bathtub gin’. Luckily it’s just the name and not the method Professor Cornelius Ampleforth has taken from 1920’s America.

The Bathtub Gin is mixed using a process called ‘cold compounding’ where the spirit and botanicals are distilled in high quality copper stills, this process means that each batch produces just 30-60 bottles making them each slightly unique. The mix of juniper, orange and the stand out flavour of cinnamon makes for a bold but perfumed gin and wrapped in brown paper and wax sealed, this gin pleases on all the senses.

Professor Cornelius Ampleforth is a master distiller using techniques resurrected from the past to create a cask aged gin to perfectly spiced dark rum every one of the professors concoctions is more pleasing than the last.

Enjoy this bathtub gin over ice with lime for an exciting twist on a classic G&T.


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