Glastonbury: The Enigma

35693_406556193070_443040_nWords by Elizabeth Pollard

Today is the start of another year at the world famous Glastonbury Festival. Like every other year for the past six (bar the 2012 festival break), I make my pilgrimage to Pilton Farm. Bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to accustom myself to the back-to-basics weekend ahead, full of music, friends, sun (but mostly rain), drinking, smoking and pure hedonism that these wonderful fields offer. This year, as always, Michael and Emily Evis have lined up some of the world’s best contemporary and legendary music including Dolly Parton, Blondie, James Blake, Little Dragon, Massive Attack… I could go on. But what is it about this corner of Blighty, that gets over 100,000 people so excited every single year?

Well, if you have ever been, you’ll know. You can’t really articulate it, or if you do, it will absolutely be defined differently from anyone else who has been. Every experience is unpredictable, undecipherable and totally unplanned, which is exactly the beauty of this temporary community and also what sets it aside from most other festivals. At first glance, the high production, big stages and celebrity performances is what draws you to Glastonbury, but once you rip off your Guardian guide and leave your friends who have spent months planning their wardrobe on Pinterest behind, you will discover a world of wonderfully weird characters, performance art and secret parties.

So, before the madness begins and my energy wears thin, I wish you all an unforgettable weekend as I walk into the wild ready to take on this enigmatic city of luuurve.

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