Glastonbury: Festival of Food

anna mae

Photograph courtesy of @anna_maes Words by Shaun Cooney

In recent years, the food at Glastonbury has become increasingly more exciting and absolutely one of the highlights of the festival. After visiting Worthy Farm for a few years now, I have come to find a few favourites that I return to year on year. Here’s my shortlist of my favourite this year.

The Peace and Love Tent

PF Vegeterian Mexican
Hitting both spots for amount and quality PF Mexican makes some crazy home made chilli, bloated burriots and spicy enchillads. But to really get your moneys worth opt for the PF Special to get the best of everything. A big pile of their tasty veg chilli, delicious refried beans, cheesy nachos, salsa, guacamole and a soft flour tortilla dumped ontop.

The World Music Stage

Greek Kebab Stand
Wrapped in a incredibly soft flat bread that soaks up all the moistness is some delicious grilled chicken that’s cooked down with mushrooms and onions. Covered with red cabbage and more raw red onions and finished off with the biggest dollop of hummus, this hands on meal will see you through for a while.

Cheese Tent

Anna Mae’s Mac & Cheese
A key thing to keep you going when looking for eats at a festival is ‘stodge’, now I use that word in a good way and Anna Mae’s is the perfect stodge. Mac and Cheese has to be one of the easiest dishes to make and here its cooked to perfection and covered in mounds of cheese to make it the perfect warming, filling dish. Wherer it be the classic Annie Mac or the hot dog filled Kanye Western Anna Mays will fill the biggest of holes.

Legends Stage

Glastonbury wood fired Pizza Company
Now you can’t go wrong with pizza at a festival (well you can, but it’ll still satisfy). But you can’t find better than the Glastonbury wood fired Pizza Company. Cooked with a crispy thin base and with multiple choices of toppings a whole pizza will be gone in moments, I highly recommend pesto and asparagus for one of your five a day.

Main Stage

The Garlic Kitchen
Serving up beef chili that’s been marinating in chili and coffee this dark beef chili falls apart on your tongue and is full of flavor, and garlic too. Served with a huge wedge of homemade garlic ciabatta to be used as a spoon, or to fight of vampires with all its garlicky goodness. This was the best meal I enjoyed at this years Glastonbury 2014 and will keeping my fingers crossed they don’t move it next year.

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