Global Harmony at the World Cup

Corinne &
Words by Frank Think

The World Cup Soccer tournament has gained the attention of many people around the world. Young, old, female, male and people of many different cultural, social and economic backgrounds are paying attention to a game that has come to mean so much more. The World Cup and the Olympic Games are two of the biggest global harmony events that unite peoples across the world for peaceful gain.

There is justified criticism that the costs required to host events include human rights abuses and increased financial hardship to the most vulnerable. However, the overall benefits to global awareness and well-being should not be undervalued. In a world heaving with regional and national wars, inequality and deprivation, it is encouraging that peaceful global events inspire world unity and common understanding between peoples. Even if awareness occurs on a subconscious level the long term gain to humanity is worth the effort. Divisions between some people run deep, often with explosive results that cause unnecessary suffering, and to watch representative athletes compete for a joyful outcome gives hope to humanity.

Now, the only problem to this idealistic outburst is England did not win the World Cup! I am miserable, depressed and grumpy, and this does not make me happy. Oh well, there is always 2018 where the event will be held in Russia.

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