Gottlund Verlag

gottlund verlagPhotographs courtesy of Words by Elizabeth Pollard

Indie publisher Gottlund Verlag represents Corinne&’s dream ambition. Founded by the artist Nicholas Gottlund in 2007, Gottlund Verlag publish limited runs of handmade books in collaboration with incredible artists like Zoe Ghertner.

With every book sewn and finished by hand in a house in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, the finish is perfect and entirely unique. Not only is the book itself constructed by traditional methods, a combination of digital and analogue print, such as letterpress, is used for the artwork. When researching for my dissertation on the future of printed publications, it was very apparent that publications where beginning to be considered as less of a source of factual information and more of a piece of artwork. I concluded that we would begin to treasure, collect and celebrate print for the information it held as well as the craftsmanship it took to produce it. In every way this publishing studio demonstrates that love for the future of print.

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