Governors Ball NYC 2014

image_2Words and photograph by Lucy Willoughby

Music festivals are my thing, so when I heard about NYC’s Governors Ball, their main festival which takes place yearly on Randalls’ Island, I knew I had to check out.

Normally I would always opt for a weekend ticket to a festival but when I found out camping wasn’t an option I decided to go for a day ticket , this was clearly a “city” festival. Of course I went with an open mind but I was already making comparisons to the number of UK festivals I had explored, for me the muddy field is as much the experience as the music.

I went for the Saturday with headliners The Strokes and Jack White, as American rock artists go it doesn’t get much better than that. The atmosphere was great, the sun was shining and everyone was in good spirit. I noticed how relaxed everyone was, in the UK festival-goers party, and they party hard. The festival was small, with 3 stages and a ton of food carts from Williamsburg’s very own weekend artisan food market, Smorgasburg.

So while eating a smoked pulled pork sandwich I listened to the smooth sound of The Internet and ate a homemade ice pop to the incredible beats of Chance the Rapper. Unsurprisingly the highlight for me was The Strokes, if I told my 17 year old self that one day I would be watching these guys in New york as the sun was setting over the skyline I would have said I was crazy.

There is no need to compare Governors ball to Glastonbury, because it simply isn’t the same. What it is, is everything a New York festival should be, chilled vibes, cool bands and awesome food. Although next year I’m thinking I may step things up a gear and head to the Nevada desert for Burning Man….

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