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BBQ style food and dirty New York diners just keep coming. Now along comes Grill Shack, opened by Richard Caring of Ivy and Pizza East fame. But I get the feeling this won’t be one to be marked down as one of his greatest hits. Found on Beak Street Grill Shack is a big space to fill, and it seems there just isn’t enough people in Soho to fill it up.

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week, Grill Shack offers all the American dinner classics; from french toast and pancakes for breakfast to burgers and buttermilk fried chicken on the main menu. Now this is a great looking restaurant. It’s got all the usual New York looks with low hanging lights, exposed pipes and distressed steel everywhere.

But sadly the authentic decor was let down with the food. The buttermilk fried chicken was more of the same from this style of restaurant, but unfortunately it’s not done well. Normally I love eating the batter on chicken but this time it left a horrible taste in my mouth, as did the shop bought tasting onion rings. Thankfully crispy fries, herby mayo and radish slaw made up for what would have been a disappointing meal.

Grill Shack looks good but unfortunately for Caring, this one is going to get lost amongst the other more impressive New York style dive’s that are spreading like wildfire across London.

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