Hands on Sexhibition


Words by Billie Jenkins Images Courtesy of The Museum on Sex

At the fairgrounds of old the bearded lady might mean more than one thing. Historically erotica was a huge part of the cheap side shows that travelled the country offering cheap titillation to the masses. Brits Bompas and Parr have taken this idea and created Funland, a hands on installation at The Museum of Sex in New York,  drawing on each of the five sense. A carnal carnival it features such exciting areas as ‘Jump for Joy’, a bouncy castle of inflatable boobs. Then there is a ‘Tunnel of Love’, that takes the traditional ride of old, and gives it a twist that as you move through the tunnel the sounds surrounding you move to an increasingly vocal climax. And let’s not forget the climbing wall that lets you cop a feel on an assortment of sexy bits. The exhibition, playful and tongue in cheek is on until Spring next year. We recommend it for an unforgettable first date.


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