Hobbies, For Everyone Or ‘Special People’?

Josephine PollardPhotograph by Josephine Pollard Words by Frank Think

Who has a hobby that is so amazing you can’t wait to get to it at the end of a days work? I always thought hobbies were for geeks, or people who didn’t enjoy work and needed to find some value with yet more wasted hours. Sure, as a young boy I used to play with train sets, then in teen years took up taking apart a mini, spending months reassembling it and drove it once before crashing into a wall! But by the end of my teen years the thought of a hobby drifted away to be reserved as activities for ‘special people.’ Well, surprise the hint of a hobby has crept back into my life and it has come in the form of chairs!

Yes, out of the blue a fascination for chairs, ‘chairists,’ has flourished in a recess of my brain as mould grows on a fine cheese. I suspected something was amiss a few years ago when I attended auctions and came home with sets of dinning room chairs. Over time this peculiar chairist behaviour has developed into a life of its own. The house is filled with assorted chairs. When they first come home I lovingly clean, polish and dress them in fresh new fabrics before finding just the right place where they can hold court in their regal finery. I even find myself taking pictures of chairs that ‘call’ for appreciation and just last week I signed up to a 10-week community college upholstery class.

If anyone knows of a jolly decent support group that specializes in chairianism therapy please let me know…it’s the chairs they know what I’m thinking, or is it the mould in my brain?

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