In Concert: Sting and Paul Simon

Sting and Paul SimonWords by Frank Think

Have just returned from New York city and an amazing ‘mountain top’ concert at Madison Square Gardens where Sting and Paul Simon took us to music paradise. The concert was a banquet of sound, a sumptuous feast of emotion that tickled my soul nearly to tears with happiness. This is a great feat considering I am trapped in a mid fifties grumpy man-body. Imagine Sting and Paul Simon singing ‘Bridge over Troubled Waters’ and numerous other classics in harmony, alone and sharing each others songs. It was a first for me to see two contemporary greats supporting each other for the sake of music and not self promotion. They bounced off each other lifting the song to a higher level than any CD I have heard before. Together they paid respect to music as if it existed outside of themselves and was a universal gift they both loved. When Sting, a guru of tantric sex, started ‘Fields of Barley’ he lifted his open arms, ever so slowly moved his hips and one could feel the moisture rise out of the audience, this was music on a different level. These guys nailed it and by the end of the concert the Garden was floating above the city.

I hope great musicians all over the world will take notice and play together for the love of music and carry audiences into a new realm of artistic expression.


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