Instagram record shattered


Words by Billie Jenkins

It isn’t he most shocking news story of 2014. The hype behind the wedding that united in holy matrimony two of the most egocentric celebrities our sensational culture has spawned was predictably huge. The are they, aren’t they dialogue about their use of the Palace of Versailles became a strange symbol of the obscene lifestyle the event represented. From the ludicrous proposal in which a fifty strong orchestra seranded Kim in front of 250 family and friends, to the vile Vogue cover, to the reported $12 million cost, and the strange picture of Kim in a thong that was reportedly gifted to her by her new husband as a ‘Welcome to marriage’ token. Or threat perhaps. It seems strange with all the indulgence then that the chosen photographer for the event was a 22 year old who began his career 8 years ago by blagging his way into a Subways gig.  Conor McDonnell, who had previously expressed his dream job would be to work with West, has had a pretty impressive career for his tender years, but it is still a shock that a couple who could cherry pick the worlds best photographers went with someone relatively  unknown. McDonnell’s image of Kimye kissing on the alter has become, by a large stretch, Instagram’s most liked photograph – with over 2,100,000. The fact that it overtook a snap of Justin and Selena looking cutesy indicates the feat is only achieved by united to social media powerhouses. A fascinating question mark sits over Conor’s head. Was this the best it gets, seen as a cultural monstrosity this grotesque comes along once every few years? Whatever happens, we will be watching this space.

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