Introducing: Frank Think

Frank ThinkCollage by Josephine Pollard Words by Frank Think

There has to be a first time for everything and this is a first for Frank Think; contributing to an amazing blog. When you attend a lifeguard course you are advised not to dive head first into the water, especially if it is dark and mysterious, so with this in mind I am slowly entering the waters of blog writing. Nervous, unsure, and somewhat timidly I begin this new adventure fully clothed clutching to a life ring of the delete button should I feel like drowning. attracted me in part due to its youthful spirit, crisp look and relevance to an inspirational life. It is new, vibrant and will hopefully draw me out of the unfair age of mid fifties, that my birth certificate proudly states I am, and into my real age of 35ish, give or take a few decades either way. I have not yet bought a Harley Davidson, nor do I wear my trousers half way up my stomach, but neither do I advertise the brand of my underpants as my jeans slip below my not so pert arse cheeks. I am of the new generation of mid fifties, a guy who seeks self awareness, the passion of youth and looks for new adventures in this dynamic world.

Thank you ‘Corinneand’ for being a partner as I begin this journey, may I learn to swim in your waters and feel safe and secure with no need a life ring or the delete button.


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