James Franco: The Bearded Lady

236da5cc-1650-46ee-8c45-d69ff4b5ae1dAll images by Words by Billie Jenkins

It’s no secret, I have a lot of time for James Franco’s face. However the recreation of Cindy Sherman’s iconic images by Franco in a new show at the Pace Gallery, NYC falls somewhere between in imaginative A Level project and a grossly misjudged attempt at entering the world of modern art / a joke / a publicity stunt. What happened Franco?

Under the art-babble guise of ’intending to reveal Franco’s feminine side’, they in fact represent a frustrating combination of laziness and unoriginality. Sherman’s originals are stunningly photographed and rich with tensions of identity. Franco’s on the other hand are crudely captured and ultimately boring. To think you can jump on the back of a lifetime spent developing intimate and ground breaking photography with a quick whistlestop tour of Shermanalike spots, a straw hat and some wigs is politely put a misjudgement of the value invested in the original artworks, or in plain speak – fucking rude. It’s enough to make me wonder what Shia LaBeouf is doing these days.



James Franco Cindy Sherman

James Franco as Janet Leigh in Psycho.

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