Jason Munn

feature_Jason-MunnAll artwork by Jason Munn Words by Elizabeth Pollard

American graphic artist, Jason Munn, found his love for art and design as a teenager on the skateboarding scene. After studying graphic design at college, Munn moved to California where he was commissioned to design the album artwork for Death Cab For Cutie. The exposure led him to go on to create artworks for Modest Mouse, Rodriguez, Flight of the Concords, Wired and The New York Times Magazine as well as becoming part of the permanent exhibition in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

His graphic screenprints have an undeniable vintage aesthetic but the clean vector lines remind you that they have been produced at a time where a mouse and computer maths are in control of the stencil, rather than a wobbly hand and blunt knife. Munn builds relationships between the objects in his works, which are often a combination of spherical shapes and lines, uncomplicated by dirty pastel backgrounds. There is something satisfying about the clever compositions. The bristles of paintbrushes form the grooves in a vinyl, baby birds hatch from the balls of a quaver note and doves that form the whites of the eyes are just a few examples of the juxtaposing objects he illustrates.







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