Kanye West’s New Testament


Words by Billie Jenkins

The buzz began on 6th June, as journals and blogs as diverse as Artnet and BlackNation Magazine received anonymous postcards (like the one above) with the ominous words ‘Kanye West’s New Testament’ and a quote from the man himself ‘As an artist and in this world, we can do whatever we want. Ain’t nothin real’.  It seemed unlikely it was a viral marketing campaign, since West is not one for subtly when it comes to self-promotion. Yet the effort of producing and posting over 200 promotional artworks takes time.  It was a mystery bigger than Kim Kardashian’s behind.

Fast forward to the 10th it turns out Kanye West’s New Testament is something as perplexing as its marketing, but also as satisfyingly unique. Set to the score of There will be Blood, New Testament is 30 minute film that takes the biggest, most radically badman Kanye West quotes from 2013 to the present and pairs them with imagery of epic landscapes, historical events, and poignant moments. It’s a bizarre project to undertake but is oddly successful. Listening to it leaves you with a sense of unease, the intensity of Kanye’s force in the delivery of often radical perspectives makes it a bit of a philosophical battering.

You can watch the full video here.

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