Kelis: Food

kelis-foodImages courtesy of Ninja Tune Records Words by Elizabeth Pollard

With a range of hot sauces on the shelves and a cooking show airing in America, it seemed only natural that Kelis’ new album would be inspired by her favourite past-time: food. In a recent interview with Annie Mac, Kelis describes how the soul of food is the heart of not only her family and social life but a major factor in the production of her album. Whilst recording the album in producer Dave Sitek’s house, Kelis cooked for the huge crew and thus used the meals as working titles before finishing up the album. When a friend asked what the record was to be called, she jokingly replied ‘Food’ which then felt like a perfect fit for the heart and process behind the music.

Listening to this album, genuinely gives you an impression of what it must be like to be cooked for by Kelis. Sunny, soulful and full of warmth, her sound has developed once again. However this time, the she feels at her most comfortable. Mature, ethereal beats and easy to listen to; it’s the perfect album to keep in the kitchen stereo (she was asking for that one).

There isn’t a single ‘skip-track’ on this album, but a few definitely stand out. First single from the album, Jerk Ribs and Forever Be will definitely make this a timeless records.

Kelis debuted her sauce line Feast with a food truck at South By South West festival in Austin, Texas.


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