Kerouac’s Design Moment

Words by Elizabeth Pollard

Jack Kerouac will never go out of fashion but right now he seems to be having a moment in the graphic design industry. From book covers and contemporary typography to old school illustrations, Torsten Lindsø Andersen and Paul Rogers take on the literary hero’s work.

Paul Rogers’ On The Road

Jack Kerouac’s classic American Novel, On the Road, is one of my favourite books of all time. So much so in fact, that despite the temptation of Kirsten Dunst and Sam Riley, I still refuse to watch the film adaptation as I couldn’t possibly imagine someone else’s visualisation and interpretation of the story to cloud my imagination. However, recently, artist Paul Rogers illustrated every page of the book complete with quotes and captions, I couldn’t love it more.

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Torsten Lindsø Andersen’s Kerouac Covers

Kerouac’s books are historically some of the most traditionally designed; black and white photographs, sketchy illustrations and serif typefaces. So when Torsten Lindsø Andersen redesigned some of his most famous works, the abstract neon colour and grotesque typeface was a refreshing alternative to the usual visuals.




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