Kubrick: An Old School Eccentric

32-front-doors-horizontal-collage-richard-thomas copy(above) Richard Thomas Words and Collages by Billie Jenkins

When he died Stanley Kubrick left around 1000 boxes of material cataloguing his ideas, scripts, research and even every fan letter he had ever been sent. One strange and wonderful quirk of this collection was the visual research he undertook to achieve the right look for his films, including the now infamous endeavours of his nephew. Hired as a photographer for Kubrick he spent an year photographing every doorway in the Islington postcode in the hope to find a perfect candidate for a brief scene in Eyes Wide Shut. Thousands of photographs later, a door was built in the studio and seen for mere moments. Thinking about this extraordinary occurrence brought on a sad thought. Kubrick was an eccentric. Whilst no one would argue eccentrics are a dying breed, one type of eccentricity, the thirst for acquiring strange and wonderful collections, is to easily quenched by the internet. A quick eBay click has replaced the mud and toil of a thousand boot fairs, hobbyist sites have pulled the curtain on groups that were remained elusively for those that looked hard to find them. Where Kubrick’s collection of doors is concerned Google has given us a search engine to which we can upload an image and research those which are alike. A million doors, photographed by a million photographers. Suddenly the itch can be scratched quicker than ever before. Yet where once there was labours of love from wild minds, there is now a playground in our living rooms. We played with this idea, uploading some of the original work Corinne& have published to see the results. It offers a pleasing insight to what we originally found compelling about the images, and highlighted the flaws those qualities hid. Here are some of our favourite results.

Tokyo, Nuria Cabrera


Processed with Moldiv

Scotland, Alex Houston


Processed with Moldiv

Malaysia, Anna Christian Dawson


Processed with Moldiv

Wrestlers, Emma Hanoman


Processed with Moldiv

Circles, Billie Jenkins


Processed with Moldiv

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