Little Dragon: Nabuma Rubberband

7044912523Words by Elizabeth Pollard

Two weeks after the launch of Little Dragon’s fourth album, Nabuma Rubberband, and my itunes play counter is almost reaching triple digits. Although I am biased, as this swedish four-piece is consistently one of my favourite bands, this album is not only a brilliant standalone but is an fantastic progression from their previous stuff. Since the release of their self titled album in 2007, Little Dragon, has become famous for their light, electronic melodies and sweet sounding vocals. Whilst staying faithful to their trademark sound, in the three years since Ritual Unions, Yukimi Nagano and her boys have matured somewhat and developed their music with a more heavy dance-beat in mind.

The first few singles released from the album, Klapp Klapp and Paris, give you an indication of the pace but it’s Cat Rider and Nubuma Rubberband where their sound really comes into its own. This organic way of producing an album was a strategy from the beginning; Nagano tells Rolling Stone, “We dove into different worlds,” she said. “New spaces we haven’t been to before.”.

Whilst Machine Dreams and Ritual Union broke musical ground, Nabuma Rubberband feels like an album about exploration and their development as a band to their next step. A journey not too dissimilar from The Foals with their journey from Antidotes to Total Life Forever  to Holy Fire.

With a European tour and the festival circuit this summer, it might seem like there’s plenty of opportunity to see them, but grab your chance while you can, before they go into hibernation for another 3 years!

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