London Summer Eats

OfMBCp9_r0LNh4vXVKRET4Jhst2eLqV7VT6rtGIAh1wWords by Shaun Cooney

When the sun is high in the big blue sky, the only place you want to be is outside. So the key is to find somewhere is the big city that has enough space for you to catch some rays and fill your belly.

Now, I will always suggest the best way to get sun at lunch is to take your lunch box to the park with you. But if you fancy something nicer than a sweaty cheese sandwich there’s always the many food stalls & trucks popping up all over town. Shoreditch Box Park is full of dining options on the top floor, with Bunny Chow’s signature hollowed loaf lunches and Bukowski’s grill sending out delicious hamburgers you can sit on the balcony and soak up some summer sun.

At the end of the week, get down to Borough Market to get involved with all the serious foodies grabbing lunch, join the queue for the chorizo sandwich with rocket and peppers tucked into a toasted roll. There’s limited space to catch the sun so be quick off the mark to grab a seat.

With Brixton Market filling up rapidly with great places to eat there’s not much sun but plenty of light thanks to the glass ceiling running the whole way down the walkways. Sit outside Honest Burger whilst they’re still small and before you find one of every corner, or grab a Franco Manca’s sourdough pizza to go and find some sun to enjoy it in.

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