Marius W Hansen


Photographs courtesy of Marius W Hansen Words by Elizabeth Pollard

I enjoy nothing more than a crisp white colourama, graphic contrasting floor and a hard shadow. Which is why, when I came across the work of Norwegian photographer Marius Hansen, I fell completely in love with his stunning images. Much like his contemporary, photographer Zoe Ghertner, Hansen’s photographs lie somewhere between fashion and art. Still life’s are carefully styled and lit with a sharp, unforgivable light to create sculptural looking compositions.

This stripped back, contemporary aesthetic translates across most creative mediums; fashion, graphic design, interior design and even architecture. In an attempt to combat the over consumerism that led us to a long, dark economic crash, this trend came from the desire to create with longevity. Over time this trend has evolved into a sophisticated, iconic aesthetic with a sense of refinement, wealth and pure beauty. Hansen’s work embodies all of these things; an attention to detail that means the image will live beyond the trend.

Hansen’s work is currently being exhibited at the Schweppes Photographic Portrait Prize at the National Gallery in London. To see more of his work see



Marius-W-Hansen-COS-Bouquets-01 Marius-W-Hansen-La-Cura-01





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