Meat & Liquor

Words by Shaun Cooney

Sex, drugs, rock & roll. Meat & Liquor is the restaurant your mum warned you about. Tucked behind Topshop on Oxford Circus there is nothing high street about this place. Once you’ve made it in from the cold, you’re lost in the darkness and loud music. These guys know who this restaurants for and a sign, ‘no suits, no ballet pumps’ sets the tone for this visit. The tattooed bartenders are shaking cocktails and serving bud from little squat beer cans to a backdrop of bourbon whilst waiting for a table.

Sat down surrounded by knick-knacks and neon lights our order of hotdogs and burgers arrive. A chili dog you couldn’t imagine being able to eat with fingers alone is first up to plate followed by the dead hippie burger covered in their secret dead hippie sauce. Served on the side we get some of the biggest onion rings and cheese fries I’ve been served.

As we emerge into the sunlight we feel warm inside, full to the brim on red meat, beer and whisky. We shall return to attack the bingo wings with blue cheese we caught a glimpse plastered over one dinners face and fingers.

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