Melville House

The Neversink LibraryWords by Billie Jenkins

This American company caught out attention for it’s incredibly simple, but of so delicious series ‘The Art of Novella’. The 52 works spanning 300 years are beautifully bound in a rainbow of bold and pastel colours. These are a more modern equivalent of the penguin classics, with bold type the only feature of each cover. The combination of a a wonderful uniformity and a fantastically curated collection of works makes this an investment piece and a gift. There is also a sequel ‘The Contemporary Art of the Novella’ which exchange the coloured background and white texts of the original.

Melville also produce the ‘Neversink Library’, named to represent the hope that the unusual stories plucked from literary obscurity, will never be lost from availability again. These reincarnated work share the same uniform feel as the novellas, but with a silhouetted twist, a reminder these are texts stem from a past that is no longer completely tangible. This production of really tightly designed series have left us with one eye on Melville for the future. Now, can anyone lend us £410?

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